88% of businesses are missing out on digital

The opportunity for businesses to grow and prosper online is massive, there truly has never been a time like now. However the vast majority of businesses are missing out on that potential.

Why? The truth is it’s tough to get results online, really tough, and you’re not alone in your battle for digital success.

5 Shocking facts that prove how hard it is to promote your business online.

  • An average of just 0.1% of your potential audience are actually finding your website
  • Being #1 in google’s search results can actually mean being position five due to ads, resulting in less than 10% of clicks.
  • The amount paid on online advertising has now overtaken ad spend for TV.
  • And paid ad isn’t always a solution. With a massive 30% increase in people using ad blockers.
  • Then you turn to social media, yet the every percentage of people who click on a link of social is just 0.1%.

5 Amazing facts that prove you should be promoting your business online.

  • 94% of people online and 77% buy online more than twice a month.
  • We are spending an average of over 6 hours a day online, of which 1 hour 40 minutes is on social media.
  • The first thing 61% of people do when the wake is check their smartphones. They then interact with their phones an average of 2,617 times a day!
  • There are 3.5 billion searches a day in Google and 155% of those searches are unique and have never happened before.
  • 90% of new millionaires are made on the internet.

So it’s no wonder you are finding it difficult online.

The solution? Rethinking Digital.

What is

Rethinking digital?

In essence it’s a digital training, planning and strategy programme, focusing on four core areas.


Forget what you know about digital and let’s look at those succeeding online and explore what you can learn and how you can apply this to your own business.


We don’t want to baffle you with jargon, we want to tell you the important stuff – the facts. It’s our aim to demystify areas of confusion such as SEO, PPC, Social media, design and development.

Once you have a fundamental understanding of how search works we can then plan how you take full advantage.


There are over 3,500 digital tools that allow you to do everything from research and planning to design and developing, in a more quicker, cheaper and effective way. But with such a wide choice, and new tools being released daily, we know it can be overwhelming.

It’s our job to stay ahead of the competition, trial, test and review them and then show you your options. What’s right for you, your business and your online objectives.


What’s motivation got to do with online success? Everything. What good is the strategy, knowledge and tools without the desire to deliver and succeed? So often, time is spent creating amazing digital marketing strategies, but then nothing is actioned. The comprehensive strategy sits on someone’s desk for six months, and in those six months the opportunity has gone. Why do we know this? Because we’ve seen this happen too often. This isn’t what are about, we want to help.

So to get you involved, feeling confident and fired up to reach your potential is a key part of the success of Rethinking Digital.


Rethinking digital

Rethinking Digital is a revolutionary digital transformation programme, incorporating training and creative planning that will leave you with a clear digital strategy to get results online.




Rethinking Digital has made us rethink our approach to delivering this programme. It’s not about being overly technical or jargon driven, our digital transformation programme is engaging, creative and interactive.

We use a mix of delivery methods throughout the programme including:

  • Presentations
  • Training and knowledge sharing
  • Interactive activities
  • Practical tasks
  • Questionnaires
  • Mentoring session


To get the best out of the programme, Rethinking Digital can be delivered in one day or alternatively split over two consecutive days. The process starts before we meet.

We only want to help businesses who we feel can truly benefit from the Rethinking Digital programme, so once we have agreed to work together our research begins. This initial research and fact finding takes about a week, after which we will then sit down and start the programme together.

Who should be involved from your

It’s about having the key people in your business in the same room at the same time making these vital decisions, that enables you to action the strategy and get the results you want. We usually work with groups sizes from as little as 3 to 15 people.


On completion of the programme you will have:

  • A understanding of digital and how search works
  • An armoury of digital tools you can implement
  • A digital strategy based upon getting results
  • A clear action plan, with roles, responsibilities and priorities
  • The motivation to make it work for all involved.

Who are we and why can we help you?

The Rethinking Digital program is lead by European Masterclass trainer for Google: Simon McCaskill

  • Google Digital Academy trainer across Europe
  • Google Digital Garage mentor and trainer
  • International speaker on digital
Why Simon?

Simon McCaskill works for Google across Europe as part of the Google Digital Academy masterclass training programme and originally as part of the Google digital garage programme.

In these roles seeing 1000’s of businesses it has become apparent that a different approach was needed. Businesses in the large majority are struggling, struggling to stay ahead and up to speed or simply to manage time, development and they are not seeing the results they should be.

Saving you money!

We also have an extensive ‘little black book’ of people and businesses who we trust and can call upon to get the work done saving you time and money.

An average saving when using a Rethinking Digital client partner on development projects is over £15k

What our clients say…

“Simon has revolutionised our digital advertising and marketing. He has helped us to define what digital success is, and helped us implement systems to accurately track our progress. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and am sure he will bring value to your business.”

Dr Iain Morrison

“Simon’s come with a host of great ideas, really practical and some quite ambitious ways of driving us forward”

Martin Dickson


Real examples of Rethinking Digital in action…
  • 2 emails that earned over £60,000.000 profit
  • A £40,000.00 salary earned in just 8 minutes and 57 seconds
  • Doubling a business’s income in less than 1 hour
  • A cold email technique that has had a 100% success rate.

The opportunity is out there, you just need a new way of finding them.

Rethinking Digital

Frequently asked questions


Q: How are is the Rethinking Digital team qualified to help?

A: The Rethinking Digital team is made up of Google trained mentors and lead by Simon McCaskill, Google’s European Masterclass teacher. We all have a specialist digital knowledge and a comprehensive overview of the entire online landscape. We have assisted and trained thousands of business and seen both the good and the bad. It’s this experience that we can bring to you and your business to start getting results online.


Q: Why do I need Rethinking Digital and not just find an agency?

A: You don’t. If you work with an agency and are happy with the results, then you don’t need to Rethink Digital. However, we find that this isn’t the case with a lot of companies. Many are struggling to get to grips with what they need to do online, or they have 3rd party services in place offering things like ‘SEO’ and ‘PPC’, but they don’t feel that they are truly working and certainly not reaching their potential online. That’s where Rethinking Digital can help: our involvement is proven to save you time and money.


Q: How will Rethinking Digital save me money?

A: By focusing on exactly what you need and not what others want to sell you. We work with you on identifying the goals and forming a strategy to get results. This then becomes a straightforward brief that avoids unnecessary spend and time during the roll out. We also have a different approach to design, development, and marketing online and have an array of digital tools that allow you to execute the strategy quicker. The average savings for businesses when using our services is over £15,000.


Q: What if we are unsure of our own products and services product?

A: Then again, Rethinking Digital is probably not the right programme for you at this time. The real ‘sweet spot’ for us is businesses that have a great product or service and are being let down by their online activity and footprint if this is the case we can have almost an immediate impact and start getting results.

If you want to see if we are a good match, fill in the questions below, and we will review your website, check we feel we can help and then let’s talk about how we can help?


Before you get started

Is Rethinking Digital right for you?

We only work on projects where we can help add real value and bring a true return on investment. We will always seek to see if we are a good match, so If you have a product or service that’s performing well and makes profit – great. However, If you feel you’re not maximising the online opportunity this is where Rethinking Digital could be right for you.

Before committing to a project, we will always spend time on our enquiries. We start by looking at your website and digital presence, then we ask some key questions to establish if and where we can help you.

Our team will look at your current offering onlien and come back to you with some insights into your presence and the potential opportunity.

88% of businesses are missing out on the opportunity that digital brings. The 12% who are reaching their potential online grow twice as quick and employ twice as many people.